Miracle Morning Routine

OK, to be completely honest with y’all, I have not read The Miracle Morning. I have, however, watched countless YouTube videos, listened to numerous podcasts and read so many blog posts about this miracle morning phenomenon.

What’s the hype, right?

Well, after implementing my own miracle morning routine for the last couple months, I have to say that you should believe the hype behind this.

Has my miracle morning routine completely changed my life for the better? Well, not completely. But it has helped me realize a lot of shit. When I start my day with my miracle morning routine, my head is clear, I’m more productive and I feel ready for just about anything. I like it because it helps me ease into my day rather than going head first (half asleep, no less). It has literally turned me into a morning person…and that’s no small feat! 🙂

In order to make sure I start my day off right with a miracle morning routine, I carve out an hour in the morning. I know that seems like a lot of time, but you can adjust it to your needs. I find for myself, though, it’s worth the sleep loss.

What do I do during this hour of mental prep for the day? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Wake up – this seems like an obvious thing but I wanted to include it because it’s a part of my morning ritual. The first thing I do is I turn on my salt lamp. If you don’t have one, you need to get one. I believe in its benefits and no one can tell me otherwise. Once I do that I head into the kitchen where I get my coffee brewing and I down a whole glass of water (preferably with lemon). While my coffee is brewing, I head back to my room and I start my essential oil diffuser with either orange or peppermint oil. I find these two oils to be very awakening and energetic. I then go grab my freshly brewed cup of coffee and go back to my room where I continue with my morning routine.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes – the length in time you choose to meditate is completely personal. Some people like to meditate for 3 minutes where some like to meditate for 30 minutes. It’s a personal preference and doesn’t indicate your level of commitment. As long as you do it, that’s all that matters. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to meditate, I recommend checking out the Headspace app. It really helped me in the beginning. You can also watch this YouTube video by Pick Up Limes; she shows you a specific style of meditation, but I found it very helpful when trying to redirect my thoughts and focus on my breathing.
  • Bible devotional – I use The Bible App for my daily devotionals. I absolutely love it! It gives you a daily Bible verse and a library full of all kinds of devotionals for different seasons of life.
  • Gratitude list – this is important. So often we focus on the things we’re lacking when we should be giving thanks for what we do have. I have a gratitude list in the notes section on my iPhone. Each morning I write down one thing that I’m thankful for and really try to focus on that feeling of gratitude. The more grateful and thankful you are for what you currently have, the more you will be blessed.
  • Affirmations – this one took some getting used to. You’re going to feel weird at first, but stick with it…I promise these work! I recommend writing down, first, what your goals are (i.e. more money, a healthy relationship, new career). Next, you’re going say, aloud, that you are thankful for these things even if they haven’t come to fruition yet. Yes, you heard me right, lol. If you’re having trouble coming up with your own affirmations, good ole YouTube is flooded with all kinds of these videos. Just pick one that suits your desires and press play. The important thing is that while you’re saying these affirmations, you’re really feeling them.
  • Motivational video – once again, YouTube never fails! LOL! I like to watch a motivational video in the morning to get me going. There’s several channels I subscribe to that never disappoint me: Law of Attraction Coaching, daily MOTIVATION, and Be Inspired just to name a few.
  • Self-help/motivational book – I love to read…like a LOT. I’m a self-help book junkie. I’m always trying to improve myself. So I like to read at least one chapter in the morning from the current book I’m in to.

Once I’ve done all this, it’s business as usual except I’m much more focused & motivated. I really believe that this morning routine has changed my perspective on life and has helped me become more focused. I hope I inspired you to implement your own healthy morning routine. ❤️

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