Why I Wear (a little) Makeup to the Gym

This is a hotly (well, that may be a little dramatic, but definitely brought up) debated topic: To wear or not to wear makeup to the gym.

For me, this is a personal preference. I don’t judge girls who go to the gym in full glam or girls who go bare faced. Why? Because sometimes I go to the gym in full glam and other times I go with no makeup, lol.

Most of my sweat seshes are with a little makeup. I feel that I look better with some mascara and eyebrows, that’s just me. I try not to workout with anything on my skin because I know it’s not good for it. When I workout, I go hard and sweat…A LOT! So makeup is kind of a hassle. However, there are times when I have full face glam on. Honestly, it depends on the time of day I’m working out–if I workout early morning then it’s just the standard mascara and eyebrows, later in the day will usually be full face makeup.

If putting on some makeup makes you feel more confident and motivated to hit the gym, then go for it! When I first started working out, I would NEVER go to the gym without makeup, but as time has passed I’ve become more comfortable with going with hardly any makeup on.

So go get your sweat on…full glam or bare faced! 🙂

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