Overcoming Gym Phobia

So you want to get in shape, you’ve thought about joining a gym but the thought of sweating like a pig, being in precarious positions and unfamiliarity of the machines, all in front of perfect strangers…it makes your stomach churn.

I get it. I had the EXACT same phobia.

Here’s the thing — in order to overcome gym phobia, you have to adjust your mindset. You’re there for yourself and nobody else. And honestly, 99% of gym goers don’t even pay attention to other gym goers. Trust me. And even if you get a looky-loo here and there, who cares?! Do you boo! 🙂

It took me a long time to get to that mindset. I finally just got to a point of being fed up. Fed up with being overweight, sluggish, not my best self. I remember waking up one morning and thinking, “I’ve had enough of this bullshit. I’m going to do something about it.” After work that day, I went to the gym by my house and started my membership. I didn’t wait until Monday (I think it was like a Wednesday or Thursday when I started, lol), or the New Year or the first of the month…I made the change that day. And I never looked back.

Because I wasn’t familiar with the gym, and I didn’t want to completely humiliate myself, I started going in the early morning, before work. The gym wasn’t that crowded and I could take my time in learning the proper usage of the machines. I would usually go on YouTube to see how different machines were meant to be used. Eventually, going to the gym became a necessity, a habit. And it’s honestly the BEST way to start your day.

Another way to help with gym phobia is to buddy up! I personally prefer working out by myself, but the buddy system works for a lot of people. There’s comfort in numbers. 😉

In a nutshell, do whatever it takes to get your ass to the gym. I put in my headphones and zone out. I don’t pay attention to anything or anybody. My mind is completely focused on my workout. It’s honestly my most focused time, because it’s that important to me.

Make your health a priority and when that little voice in your head tries to tell you about all the embarrassing possible scenarios that could happen at the gym, tell it to eff off. 🙂

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