Gym Bag Essentials

Having a well stocked gym bag definitely comes in handy. You never know what scenario you may run into at the gym (i.e. you’re doing squats and oops! Your pants just ripped right up the ass crack). I’ve done all the leg work for you and put together a list of stuff that’s always in my gym for any occasion. 🙂

Healthy Snack

The key to a good workout is making sure that you’ve prepped your body with fuel to get through your workout (unless you’re doing fasting cardio, which we’ll discuss in another article). I like to keep nonperishable items in my gym bag just in case I don’t have access to something fresh to eat prior to my workout. I also keep snacks in there for after my workout as well. It’s important to eat some protein after an intense strength training session to help your body begin to repair the muscles.

Some of the snacks I keep on hand is packs of honey flavored almond butter, jerky and almonds. I usually eat the almond butter prior to my workout and then snack on the jerky or almonds after. If you have access to fresh snacks, then obviously you’ll want to reach for that. But these are great alternatives to keep on hand.

Sweat Towel

This may seem like an obvious one (at least to me it was), but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t actually keep a sweat towel with them during their workout.

If you’re really going hard, you’re going to be pouring sweat. And there’s nothing more annoying (or unsanitary) than having your sweat drip all over the place and onto the equipment. Yes, you should wipe the equipment down with sanitizer after using it, but keeping a sweat towel with you will eliminate some of the mess. Plus, I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more annoying to me than having sweat drip down into my eyes or mouth while I’m crushing a set.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great to always have on hand because you can pretty much use them anywhere and get yourself a nice little workout.

If you want to increase the difficulty of your squats or hip thrusts, throw on a resistance band. You’ll be surprised at the muscle engagement it adds.

Resistance bands are a must if you do glute activation (which you should be doing) prior to your booty workout. They help stoke the fire in those booty muscles to get them ready to be worked!

Barbell Squat Pad

The barbell squat pad has saved my neck! I honestly don’t know how people go without using it. The few times where I haven’t used it, about 30 minutes after my workout, I feel the aching in my upper neck–and I’ve tried repositioning the bar lower on my traps, but it still kills. The squat pad is definitely a must if you squat/lunge heavy.

Ankle Strap for Cable Machines

If you like to build your booty, then you know cable machine exercises are essential to getting (and maintaining) that perfect peach. A padded ankle strap allows you to do a wider range of different motions than just using the handle bar. Plus, it provides way more stability in that it actually straps around your ankle. I’ve tried using the little handle grips by putting my foot through it, but eventually my foot would slip out of it. So, save yourself the headache and get an ankle strap to elevate your booty workout!

Extra Clothes

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, you never know when your pants may decide that hey, you’re squatting too deep. So keeping extra clothes in your gym bag saves you a little embarrassment. Although, if this pant splitting scenario does happen to you, please don’t trip–it happens to the best of us.

Locker Lock

This should go without saying, but surprisingly, there’s a LOT of trusting people out there, lol. I’ve seen so many women walk into the locker room, throw their stuff in a locker, shut the door and walk out. If you do this, you’re just asking for your stuff to be stolen. Unfortunately, thieves go to the gym, too. So be smart and put a lock on your locker.

Hygiene Items

I keep a medium-sized cosmetic bag of sundry items in my gym bag. I like to stay fresh so I keep hygiene items on hand at all times–deodorant, feminine cleansing cloths and body wash, just to name a few. If you like taking a shower at the gym, don’t forget to keep your gym bag stocked with a clean, fresh shower towel.

If you’re feeling inspired to start going to the gym, I hope this helps you prepare. It’s more motivation to go when you have a gym bag that leaves you no excuse not to go, so get your gym shit together and get on that gym grind!

Photo by Gesina Kunkel on Unsplash

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