Must Love Dogs

FACT: I like dogs more than I like most people. I’m not even mad about it, either.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been around dogs and/or had a dog. They were a part of the family. Most of my fondest memories involve our family dogs. I’ve always said that dogs are good medicine and there’s scientific proof to back that up!

Being a dog owner and/or being around dogs has many health benefits–no wonder they’re called man’s best friend! ?

Here’s a rundown of the health goodness Fido brings!

Heart Health & Cholesterol

Dogs really do have a way with our hearts…both physically and emotionally. Dog owners generally have lower blood pressure and triglyceride levels (bad cholesterol), and that means better overall heart health.

Additionally, people who own dogs generally tend to be more active, which we all know is good for the ole ticker.

Mental Health

It’s no surprise that dogs help us with our overall mental health. They bring happiness, joy & laughter into our lives. Ever had a crappy day and you open your front door to see your precious fur baby overcome with happiness to see you? Yeah, that’s the best feeling and makes the woes of the day fade.

Because of the proven mental health benefits with owning a dog, it’s becoming more common to see therapy dogs for people who suffer from severe anxiety and/or depression. Dogs offer the comfort and unconditional love needed when trying to battle with these mental ailments, which makes them a more successful (and natural) remedy than most medicines.

Photo by Manuel Meza on Unsplash


Believe it or not, dogs help us with human interaction. Dog owners generally tend to be more social because when you have a dog you get out more, therefore more socialization.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out and about and started up a conversation with someone because they have their dog with them–their dog was what drew me in. I’ve experienced the same when I have my dogs with me out in public. Our furry friends are great conversation starters!

Bottom line: Our dogs make our lives better, more fulfilling. And even if you don’t own a dog or aren’t able to have one, don’t let that keep you from hanging out with one. Volunteer at your local animal shelter–you’ll not only get the health benefits but also feel good about helping out our furry friends. 🙂

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