Battle Of The Holiday Bulge

It happens to the best of us. You had a couple extra pieces of Grandma’s earth shattering chocolate fudge. Oh, and don’t forget that second piece of Aunt Karen’s famous pumpkin pie; after that, everything else is a blur and come January 1st, the number on the scale is 10 pounds more than usual and you feel like a total failure. It’s definitely not the way you’d want to start the new year.

It’s an all too familiar scenario for a lot of us, but there are ways to prevent the holiday bulge from ruining your New Year. Read on for some solid tips on winning the battle of the holiday bulge.


I can’t stress this enough: DRINK WATER. This rule of thumb should be followed not just during the season of indulgence, but every single day of the year. Our bodies are comprised of up to 60% water. Staying properly hydrated is so crucial for the general functions our amazing body has to carry out every day.

In addition to being an essential component, water helps to curb your appetite. Try drinking a tall glass of water before a holiday meal and you’ll notice that you feel fuller faster. Also make sure to sip on some water during your meal to help you maintain that full feeling and aid in digestion. This is the easiest, and in my opinion, the best method for helping to keep those holiday pounds at bay.


Moderation is key. Don’t deny yourself of what you really want, just have a smaller portion size. You’ll satisfy your taste buds without any guilt if you simply pay attention to what your body is saying.

More often than not, we eat past the point of our satiated hunger pains and/or cravings which, ultimately, leads to weight gain. Don’t get caught in this rabbit hole–prepare yourself to listen to your body and stop eating when you no longer feel hungry, and when you go to reach for that second cookie, ask yourself, “Does my body really need this? Am I craving this? Or am I getting caught up in the moment?”

Moderation doesn’t just apply to food; alcoholic beverages pack a caloric punch, so being mindful of that and nursing that cocktail a little longer works in your favor. Plus, less chance of a hangover the next day!


This seems like an obvious way to combat the holiday bulge, but during the holiday season, exercise often takes a backseat to other things.

While this time of year can be extremely busy for all of us, it’s important that our bodies get the exercise that it needs. It’ll not only help fight those unwanted pounds, but aerobic exercise has proven to help reduce appetite. So don’t skip the gym! You’ll feel better and look better for all those holiday parties.

Be realistic

Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself in the aftermath of over-indulging. It’s more than likely going to happen, just don’t let the lapse in judgement derail you.

I recommend intermittent fasting to help reset your metabolism and get you back on that hypothetical horse. One slip up doesn’t have to result in throwing in the towel until the New Year. And if intermittent fasting isn’t for you, try planning your meals on the days you know you’re going to be attending a party. Being proactive pays off in the end.

Take charge of your health this holiday season and kick that bulge to the curb! Your New Year will start off much better and you’ll be a step ahead of the game.

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