Turning Your Passion Into A Career

Remember career day in high school? Or maybe your school made a week out of it. Either way, you had to figure out a game plan for how you would make a living for the rest of your life. But honestly, what do you know about life at the age of 16, 17, 18?

Doing something you love for a living is so highly underestimated and not discussed enough in high school during those career days. It’s great to have an action plan for when you leave high school, but teaching a child to find their passion–what sets their soul on fire–is so important to living a fulfilling life.

Society, for years now, has bombarded us with images of a 9-5 job. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a 9-5 job, what is wrong is spending that much time on something that does not inspire you. We were all born with a purpose, a passion, and God wants us to share that with the world!

I’ve always loved writing and sharing my experiences with people in hopes that my story can help someone else. I also have a passion for makeup and helping women to feel more confident and motivated. Out of those passions, this blog was conceived. While I’m not making a living from this blog right now, I know that in the future, with my dedication and persistence, it will help provide for my family and me. Remember, a fruit tree doesn’t bear fruit overnight; it takes time and maintenance. The same goes for turning your passion into a career.

I’m very blessed to have friends who are like-minded and have successfully pursued their passions. My friend, Tina, really got into yoga and found her passion for teaching it. She now runs a successful, faith-based yoga studio in my hometown. And not only does she run classes, she teaches other women how to teach yoga. How awesome is that?! Instead of keeping her talent to herself, she’s bestowing her knowledge onto other women who have the same passion as her.

My other friend, Jenny, has always enjoyed photography. She took that hobby and is turning it into a nice little side hustle. But I firmly believe that eventually, that will be her full-time job. Why? Because she has a passion for it and dedicates her extra time in perfecting and growing it. Her photos reflect her love for the art.

If you’re having a hard time finding your passion, I suggest praying about it. Ask God to give you guidance and be open to it. Really think about what tugs at your heart strings, what gets you fired up–that’s your passion. Once you find it, explore how you can pursue it and make a plan of action and stick to it! There’s always going to be hecklers in the crowd, but let the roar of your passion drown out the naysayers.

When pursing your passion, it’s important to surround yourself with positive, motivating people. Let other girl bosses be your inspiration, and make sure you’re an inspiration, too. Encourage other entrepreneurs! What you put out in the universe will come back to you, so make sure it’s good, motivating vibes only!

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