A Chill Night In With Your Friends

Feel like being social but don’t want to deal with the crowd? Don’t worry, I understand and I’ve got your back!

Having a night in with your gal pals or you and your partner’s friends is always a good time. The secret is to keep it simple–it’s a chill night in, not a banquet. You don’t need to spend an extravagant amount of money to unwind with your friends.

Keep reading for tips on how to plan your perfect laid-back night with your friends.

Food & Drink

When it comes to entertaining, you need to know your crowd–that way you don’t buy any food and/or drinks that’s going to go to waste. For girlfriend gatherings, I like to have a variety of different wines. If it’s a co-ed gathering, beer and wine is always a good choice. I also make sure to have a pitcher of cold water available and non-alcoholic drinks for those who prefer not to drink alcohol. You don’t need to have a fully stocked bar; keep your drink menu simple.

The food you serve is really dependent on how much time you have and how much work you’re willing to do. I like to keep the whole evening chill, so a cheese platter and veggie tray are great for appetizers. You can also do chips & salsa with some guacamole. I like to have my appetizers complement the main course, so depending on what you’re serving for the meal, try to find appetizers that will marry into that.

Keep your main course easy and fun. Pizza is always a crowd pleaser. You can either order it or, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can make it! Tacos are also great to serve at casual gatherings. Remember, the less pretentious the food, the more at ease everyone will be.


What’s a fun night in without games? Games are a sure fire way to amp up the fun factor and really get everyone interacting. Jenga, Mexican Train and Uno Attack are some tried and true staples to any fun game night. Or, if you prefer to be really low-key, you can stream a crowd favorite flick. I find that comedies are a best bet–it keeps the mood light and fun. Make sure to have the popcorn & candy ready for noshing during the film.


Since you’re having a chill night in, you’ll need some extra blankets and big cushions to accommodate the extra people in your house. If you entertain on a regular basis, it’s definitely a good investment, and it honestly does not cost that much. I like to keep a few extra bean bags and throw blankets on hand so everyone is nice and comfortable.

If some of your friends have a little too much fun (aka too much alcohol), it’s always a good idea to either have a comfy place for them to crash at your house, or arrange for a ride share to take them safely home.

Enjoy your night in with your friends and make happy memories! Yeah, it’s fun to get dressed up and go out, but a night in surrounded by your tribe will always win over a night out.

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

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