The Importance of Learning to Self-Parent

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle that comes with living a busy life. We all have a lot on our plates–work, friends, family, social media–you name it, life is serving it.

It can all be overwhelming at times, and we don’t realize the stress it’s causing until we’re in burn out mode.

Several years ago, my body turned against me and basically told me to chill the fuck out by going into full on anxiety attacks. My nerves had been shot and they weren’t taking it anymore.

Over the years, I came to realize the cause behind my anxiety attacks–I was so busy worrying about everyone else, making sure they were taken care of, that I forget to check in on myself.

Self-parenting is an all too important, yet not talked about, coping tool that is vital in staying in tune, and in touch with our own needs and mental wellbeing.

Stephanie Lyn, a life & relationship coach, really delves into what it means to self-parent in her YouTube videos & podcast. She recommends setting a reminder on your phone, for at least once a day, to check in on yourself.

What does “checking in on yourself” entail? It’s basically the same thing as checking in on your kids or significant other: “How is my day going? Why am I feeling the way I feel?” Take time to analyze what you’re feeling and deal with it instead of shoving it under the rug.

It’s such a foreign concept, but it shouldn’t be! We need to learn to value our own feelings and needs just as much as we value everyone else’s. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so if you’re not taking the time to make sure you’re in a good emotional state and headspace, then the people you care about will ultimately feel the results of what you’re depriving yourself of.

In addition to checking on yourself, self-parenting is also about shutting down any negative self-talk; whether it be out loud or the thoughts we have about ourselves. Learn to accept yourself, warts and all. So what if you have cellulite?! Who doesn’t?? Embrace the beauty that is your imperfections and play up what you think are your best assets.

Take the time to take care of YOU. Self-parenting is part of self-care, so make it part of your routine. After just a few days of making it a point to check in on yourself, you’ll start to notice a shift in your mindset and overall outlook. When you’re taking care of yourself and loving yourself, it’s a whole other type of glow up!

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