Keep Your Lady Parts Happy & pH Balanced

Whether we care to share it or not, all us ladies will at one point or another have a smell/issue “down there.” It’s nothing to be ashamed of because it’s completely natural and normal. But sometimes those smells/issues become ongoing and can really wreak havoc not only on our sexual health (not to mention our sex life), but also our mental health. You may feel embarrassed by what’s going on down there and that can definitely affect your confidence.

While there are plenty of ways to show your vagina TLC on the regular, what happens when the issue requires more than just daily maintenance? For example: Do you suffer regularly from yeast infections that antibiotics just can’t seem to kick? Or have a regular flare up of bacterial vaginosis that no matter how many times it’s been treated, still rears its ugly head? Unfortunately, these are all too common scenarios for a lot of women. And because there’s such a negative stigma with having these reoccurring problems, a lot of women don’t want to talk about it.

We women should all know by now the importance of regular check-ups & exams for our lady parts, but what about those pesky problems like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis? Well, first of all, you need to talk to your doctor and make sure there’s not something more serious that’s causing these issues–this is extremely important. But if there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it and your doctor has ruled out an underlying cause, chances are very likely that your vagina’s pH levels are off.

Having unbalanced pH levels down there can really throw us some curveballs. Vaginas cleanse themselves naturally, however, sometimes we do something that causes a kink in that process. If you’re eating too much sugar, not drinking enough water, etc.–that can cause an issue for our lady parts. Luckily, there’s a product that’s all-natural, non-GMO, that can help us out.

Feminiva is boric acid vaginal suppositories. Studies have shown boric acid to be a very effective treatment for both yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis when other traditional medical treatments have failed to resolve these issues. As with any treatment for health issues, you should consult with your doctor before using. But there have been numerous success stories of women who have suffered for years with either of these ailments and swear by the regular usage of these vaginal suppositories.

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