Smudging for Beginners: Learn to Cleanse Your Space

So you’ve managed to make meditation a daily routine in addition to keeping a gratitude journal and positive affirmations–and let’s not forget about the healing crystals, too. But something still feels off and you can’t quite pinpoint where that nagging, underlying negativity is reverberating from.

We spend a fair amount of time cleansing our mental space, but what about our physical space? Things, and spaces, hold energy and don’t discriminate between positive or negative. That’s where smudging (or also known as saging) comes in to play.

While smudging/saging has been around for thousands of years and can be traced back to Native American practices, only recently has there been a surge in its popularity–and with good reason. Not only does it cleanse a physical space of negative energy and improve your mood, there’s current scientific data that indicates it has health benefits as well. White prairie sage (Artemisia ludoviciana) has both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help ward off bacteria and viruses. And it doesn’t stop there–it also works as an insect repellant.

Now that you know both the mental and physical benefits of saging, let’s get down to the actual process. I recommend meditating before beginning your smudging ritual–cleanse your mind and release any negative thoughts you may have. Be sure to silence all your electronics so as not to be distracted during the process. It’s important to be very present and attentive to the energy of the space you’re cleansing. You’ll need a sage bundle, something to light it with (candle or lighter) and a bowl or abalone shell to hold the bundle once the smudging is done (don’t try to put it out, simply let it burn out on its own).

Start at one corner of your space (or house) and allow the smoke from the smudge stick to drift into all corners, from bottom to top. While doing this, you can say a prayer or speak positive affirmations, whichever you prefer. The important thing is to be in a positive and open state of mind while doing this. Don’t forget to cleanse your personal aura–I usually do this at the end of saging my house. As far as how often you cleanse your space, that’s a personal preference. I simply go off the energy I feel when I’m home. If it’s been a particularly difficult time, I may sage more often to keep my space positive. If you’ve had guests at your house, smudging after they’ve left is also beneficial. You never know what kind of energy one will bring into your space, so it’s important to keep your space cleansed.

A regular routine of smudging will maintain a peaceful, positive energy in your physical space that will improve your overall mental and physical health.

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